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Ashok Yakkaldevi
Dr. Ashok Yakkaldevi
Laxmi Book Publication

Book Gallary
  • Entrepreneurship
    Behara Sreenivasa Rao

  • Emotional Intelligence Of Teacher Educators
    N. Johnson

  • A Handbook Of Physics Practical
    Dalvi S. N,Gapale D. L

  • Inhibition Of Corrosion Of Aluminum In Trichloroacetic Acid
    Piyush Desai

  • Shaikshanik Sankhyashastra
    Vivek.G Inamdar,Saheb.C Gaikwad
    ISBN:Not Available

  • A Study of Social Networking among Student -Teachers
    Vaibhav S. Phatangare

  • Objective Civil Engineering
    Capt. (Dr.) Nitin Pandurang Sonaje

  • Godya Panyatil Matsya Vyavsay
    Anil Kumar Rathod

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